Style of Fieldguide

"Design is where science and art breakeven" -Unknown

A Design House 

There's nothing better in our book than a strong sense of place. We're visual and we love to edit, style, decorate and redecorate spaces to create an attractive, timeless, functional and comfortable area, indoors or out, commercial or residential for you and yours to enjoy.

Our site planning services focus on flow to provide the ultimate user experience. As a former parks & recreation professional with 10 years experience designing and maintaining parks, trails and greenways, I apply this expertise to private properties and commercial venues.

Our design style balances bold color with natural textures and tones. Depending on the space, we work to either bring the outdoors in or maximizes functionality for outdoor living. Travels, porches, patios, greenhouses, tree houses, barns, gardens and nature inspire our work. Functionality is key, showcasing your collections are our jam and loving where you live, work and play is paramount. 

Our design services start at $45/hr project specific. Following an initial consultation we provide clients with a thorough scope of work, budget, timeline, inspiration boards, color pallet as well as sourcing name brand and one-of-a-kind products (garage sales and antique shop one-of-a-kinds are our favs tho).  We look forward to working with you to transform your vision for a space into a reality. References and design portfolio available upon request.