A guest never forgets the host who has treated them kindly -Homer

Howdy! Fieldguide Farmhouse is home to Lee, Kyle, young son Jack, friendly rescue pups Gus and Louie and sassy barn cat Daisy. Lee operates Fieldguide Farmhouse and Kyle, a welder and builder, keeps the property maintained and cooks up delicious food that he’s most likely freshly caught or shot (Meat Eater style). Lee grew up on fifty acres in Athens, Georgia with dogs, horses and wide array of other pets playing in fields, woods, rivers and building tree-forts. Before Parks & Recreation the TV show, Lee Leslie Knope-d a Bachelor's of Science in Parks, Recreation & Tourism from Texas A&M University and a post-graduate diploma in Environment Society & Design from Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand. Lee returned state-side and waitressed and led architectural tours while applying for ‘big girl’ jobs crashing with friends in Portland and Chicago. The more familiar woods and waters of northern Michigan became home thanks to an AmeriCorps position with Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy in 2009. The following year, Lee joined Traverse Area Recreation & Transportation, Inc. (TART Trails) and served as Trail Planning & Management Director for five years. After hours and with a baby on the way she completed a full gut renovation redesigning her first home, an 1880's cottage in downtown Traverse City. In March of 2015, Lee discovered her dream house for sale and moved to charming Central Lake. Thanks to generous support by family and friends, Lee opened the doors to Fieldguide Farmhouse in December 2016. For a year she worked as Trail Manager for The Friends of Glacial Hills before operating Fieldguide Farmhouse full-time. The trail is winding yet beautiful and adventure awaits! Thank you for being here and we look forward to hosting you and yours at Fieldguide Farmhouse.